Banking relations

relacje Being a very modern company focusing on fix assets management in cooperation with investors, we separate the role of a depository from the function of an administrator. Thanks to this, the investor may rest assured when it comes to funds placed directly by him into an investment account run by a bank. Assets management is delegated on the basis of an investment portfolio management contract and a partial power of attorney authorizing the running of an investment account.

With an investment account, the depository bank conducts only the transactions provided for in the partial power of attorney. In such case, an administrator does not have access to the Customer’s funds (since these are so-called “external transfers”) and may not debit the account without an additional order provided for in the aforementioned investment portfolio management contract and in coordination with the bank. relacje The above-described model requires good cooperation with the banks which are involved in the investment process. Such collaboration plays a significant role in efficient implementation of the process as it influences its quality and financial results. Therefore, careful selection of banks is our basic task. We negotiate with them in order to find the best offer and services for our projects.

Due to our network of branches and international business contacts, Swiss financial institutions are able to meet even the most demanding requirements of our Customers. We are also able to provide services at the place of their business.

relacje Alpha Consulting Management AG cooperates with a majority of important bank institutions in Switzerland.

Selection of a bank depends upon the specific nature of a project, implemented within the framework of a given investment or its stage. Depending on the specialisation and demands concerning the given type of service required for individual projects, we use the services of a bank with which we previously agreed upon their scope and form (e.g. services concerning private deposits).

We cooperate directly with the Customer on the basis of full delegation of a bank authorising us to implement procedures for the establishment of an account and in compliance with the guidelines.