Switzerland – a financial center

finance In accordance with unofficial estimates, more than half of the world’s private assets are deposited and managed by Swiss banks. Such concentration of assets in Switzerland is not accidental. This results from its central location in Europe, its neutrality from the beginning of existence, as well as two hundred years of a tradition of top-quality banking services. These qualities contribute to the present image of Switzerland as the world centre of banking services.

finance For several dozens of years, Swiss financial institutions (including banks, funds and institutions managing fixed assets) have developed high standards of service provision. Banking, fixed assets management, legal and trust services as well as tax counseling combine the best of the traditional model with an openness to market development and customer demand.

finance Bank secrecy and discretion, provided for in a legal act of the Swiss Confederation, are yet other significant issues. In relation to finance counselling, the tax benefits offered by Swiss cantons and communities are worth mentioning. The benefits ensure access to a wide range of tax solutions, offshore structures and foundations, which contribute to the maximisation of profits on investments and the protection of capital transferred from one generation to the next.