biotech We are deeply convinced that at present, investment opportunities in the biotechnological sector are more attractive than ever before.

Patient requirements concerning drugs of high quality have increased tremendously. Presently, patients demand client-tailored medicines and expect more than general symptomatic treatment.

The annual turnover in the biotechnological sector amounts to more than USD 35 billion. Within the last 30 years, biotechnology has developed very dynamically, reached high standards and discovered innovative solutions, out of which many have achieved marketing success. The sale of many new medicinal products has reached a level of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Biotechnology is a market of the future for two reasons:
1) it provides concrete solutions in the case of various diseases;
2) it offers investment opportunities which could potentially yield high profits.

biotech Ad. 1) The traditional model of treatment has not changed for several dozens of years. Although specialists continuously make efforts to lessen the effects of diseases and limit the side effects of treatment, efficient solutions have not yet been discovered. In order to achieve a goal, i.e. actual healing, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of a disease or, at least, hinder its progress. Only then may victory over a disease be announced. Here is where the opportunity for biotechnology appears. With the use of modern diagnostic methods, causes of diseases are recognised, their key elements are identified and appropriate solutions and/or preventive measures are defined to limit the spread of a disease or to fight it actively (e.g. due to stimulation of the immune system).

This is important, since it quite often it is not the disease which is the direct cause of death, but its complications, inflammatory conditions and infections. In such cases, widely used drugs are not very effective, especially in patients in the advanced stage of a disease. biotech Ad. 2) The health sector is the second largest sector, after the food industry, of the world market. The number of those affected by disease is still growing, which may be explained by lack of progress in the struggle with serious illnesses, defined nowadays as civilization diseases. The huge number of patients with cancer provides an example here.

Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, various allergies, diabetes and others are also defined as civilization diseases. biotech If an efficient product, e.g. a cure for cancer, enters onto the market, it will be a great success.

Widely applied regulations concerning the pharmaceutical industry on which specialists have worked for dozens of years ensure that new medicinal products will be protected by license for an appropriate time and that fixed prices will bring high and certain profits.

The volume of the market, price safety and great demand for efficient medicines which ensure permanent healing and not only prolongation of life will grant high profits to companies which introduce them onto the market.

The market potential is easily foreseeable on the basis of the continuously growing sales value. Sales only of anticancer drugs on the global market amounts to USD 30 billion per year (an annual increase of 20%).

The biotechnological sector awaits good investment decisions.