ACM Alpha Consulting Management AG

Onas Onas
ACM Alpha Consulting Management AG is a company dealing with fixed assets management registered under the number 12583 with the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association - VQF (Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdiensleistungen).

We provide the highest quality of services in the field of fixed assets management and related issues to affluent individual Customers and enterprise investors.

We specialise in investing in biotechnology. In particular, we focus on investments in biopharmaceutics (new generation of drugs), which are used in fighting cancer.

Onas In our investment activities, not only do we concentrate on choosing specific assets (companies), but we also take care of selected firms on a regular basis – from the moment of granting funds to the completion of the investment.

We are convinced that nowadays a high degree of specialisation (biotechnology) as well as active supervision over carefully selected investments offer special opportunities in this sector of the market. We would be happy for you to join our group of investors.